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Detroit Legal Blog

Medical Marijuana Patient Robberies

Jul 30, 2015 in Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

The legality and accessibility of marijuana has experienced monumental shifts in the last decade. What was a taboo substance not too many years ago is now legal for medicinal and recreational use in many states and cities. These cultural and legal changes have brought with…

Testing Reckless Drivers for Cocaine and Marijuana

Jun 29, 2015 in Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

Drivers countrywide fear the consequences of a roadside breathalyzer, but soon law enforcement may be able to test reckless drivers for more than just alcohol consumption. The DrugWipe test has been used to test surfaces for drug residue, and law enforcement may soon be using…

Carjacking Incidences in Detroit

Jun 22, 2015 in Legal Blog, Theft

Carjacking is a serious crime and terrifying experience for victims. Detroit residents and people traveling through know the fear of carjacking all too well as Detroit struggles to beat its reputation as one of the country’s worst cities for carjacking. Less than a decade ago,…

Unwarranted Police Searches and Seizures

Jun 15, 2015 in Constitutional Law, Legal Blog

The underlying legal principles that govern the United States are those outlined in the Constitution. The Constitution guarantees us certain legal protections from government interference, like free speech and privacy rights. But what do these protections mean in practice, and how do they apply in…