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College Sex Crimes in Michigan

Aug 17, 2015 in College Crime, Criminal Defense, Legal Blog, Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are unfortunately common on campuses across the nation, including here in Michigan. Some of the most common charges related to sex offenses include forcible rape, forcible sodomy, forcible fondling and sexual assault with an object. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor alone…

High School Sexual Assault in Michigan

Aug 12, 2015 in Legal Blog, Sex Crimes, Student Crimes

We like to think of high school students as protected from sexual assault, but according to the CDC, rape and other sex crimes are being reported at alarming rates here in the United States. In fact, Justice Department statistics reveal that nearly 20 percent of…

Medical Marijuana Patient Robberies

Jul 30, 2015 in Drug Crimes, Legal Blog

The legality and accessibility of marijuana has experienced monumental shifts in the last decade. What was a taboo substance not too many years ago is now legal for medicinal and recreational use in many states and cities. These cultural and legal changes have brought with…