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ACLU Suing Michigan Over Juvenile Life Sentences

Dec 09, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Michigan has more people serving life sentences without parole for crimes committed in childhood than any other state in the nation except Pennsylvania. In all, 39 states have abolished life sentences without parole for minors. However, in Michigan, the law still requires mandatory life sentences…

Michigan Bail Reform Efforts

Dec 02, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Michigan’s cash bail system may get overhauled. Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bridget Mary McCormack is leading an informal working group to consider reforms to the state’s pretrial release system. The working group, which includes judges, state justice department officials, and several advocacy organizations, is looking…

When is Fleeing and Eluding a Felony?

Dec 01, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog, Traffic

Driving away from the police without permission or avoiding a traffic stop is never a good idea. This was a hard-learned lesson for 19-year old Chris Saul who was convicted in August of fleeing and eluding the police. The Michigan teen argued in court that…